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Our alarm installations team are simply "the best" in the trade.

With over 20 years experience and knowledge, our neatness and professionalism is key to our successful completions.

Every installation we carry out varies from the previous, we work extremely closely together with our design team to give a personal touch to our customers.

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All areas of BS 5839-1 are met to a high standard from our team from:

  • Cable containment
  • Fire rated cable (fp200)
  • Drawings (before works - CAD)
  • Drawings (after works - as fitted)
  • All specified detection
  • Heat detectors
  • Rate of rise detection
  • Optical detectors
  • Radio based messaging (for the deaf or hearing impaired)
  • Sounders / Bells and flash warnings (beacons)
  • PA/VA speaker alerts
  • External alarms (IP rated)
  • Emergency luminaires (for fire exits, or integrated lights)
  • We have 2 property inspection officers that provides our clients with the insurance and legal documentation that there property is covered. LIG Fire offer a full 3 year guarantee on ALL of our installations.
  • Our Electricians specialise in emergency lighting, which, along with fire prevention is a legal requirement for your business.
  • As we always install the correct cabling and materials, in the event of an emergency a Live-in Guardians installation will prevent injury and death as far as is possible.
  • In the event of a FIRE our cabling containment WILL keep the cables in place, and our emergency lighting installation WILL save lives by guiding personnel to the correct exits.

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